We are glad to welcome you on the site of leading supplier of pharmaceutical preparations in Ukraine.
The pharmaceutical company "FARMACO" began its history since March, 1994.
From the very beginning of activity company's strategy of development consisted in the signing of direct contracts with firms - manufacturers of high-quality import medical means.
"FARMACO" has established business relationship with all the domestic manufacturers of medical preparations, that let us today represent about 4000 items of medical preparations and means in the Ukrainian market.
At the present moment "FARMACO" company has more than 1500 clients. There are as private so state pharmaceutical structures among them.
"FARMACO" is the dynamically developing company. Following the requirements of time, we tried to make our page in Internet, first of all, functional and convenient for work of all our partners. We will be very grateful to you for your responses about work of the site and we hope you will like it.